Just out: fruit bats, diet and potential ecosystem services

Of Singapore's 20+ bat species, perhaps none epitomises the urban denizen better than the dog-faced fruit bat (Cynopterus brachyotis). You can find this bat almost everywhere on the urbanisation gradient, and this bat seems to have adapted well to city life (notwithstanding the apparent genetic impacts of urbanisation) - including by adopting the behaviour of [...]

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Threats to bats

In a previous post, I laid to rest some common myths about bats. In another I highlighted a few things that make bats awesome. Indeed, bats are weird and wonderful and rather essential to ecosystems and human wellbeing. But here's the thing. They're in trouble. In 2020, 15 % of [...]

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Why bats are extremely awesome

In an earlier post, I addressed myths about bats. Today, in honour of Bat Appreciation Day, I thought I'd write about some of the many reasons to not only learn more about bats, but also, well, appreciate them. TThere are nearly 6 400 described species of mammals living today, divided into 29 separate groups, [...]

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