Summer 2022 – new project (drone impacts) & new lab member (Sophie Barno)

If you read the description of the work by LIM Kai Ning, my former honours student, then you know that work in my lab at NUS investigated the impacts of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, or drones) on bats in Singapore (SG), and you know why it matters. Well, this summer, in NYC’s less restrictive landscape [...]

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Just out: fruit bats, diet and potential ecosystem services

Of Singapore's 20+ bat species, perhaps none epitomises the urban denizen better than the dog-faced fruit bat (Cynopterus brachyotis). You can find this bat almost everywhere on the urbanisation gradient, and this bat seems to have adapted well to city life (notwithstanding the apparent genetic impacts of urbanisation) - including by adopting the behaviour of [...]

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Evolution of urban ecology – three paradigms

Let me start this post by looking back at my PhD candidacy exam. Here’s what this rite of passage involves at University of Calgary. The professors on the supervisory committee and internal examiners all submit questions to the PhD supervisor, who whittles them down to three pairs of questions sent to the PhD candidate. [...]

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Nature deficit disorder in a highly urbanised nation

This is part 1 of a two-part blog. Urbanisation has been identified by some authors as the top human cause of species endangerments and extinctions. That it has such a large impact on biodiversity is pretty surprising when you realise that cities occupy a very small fraction (estimated at 1.5-3 %) of all the [...]

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No doubt, I’m far from the only person thinking about climate change at the moment, what with the Paris Conference underway. Of course, as a conservation biologist, I’m often thinking about climate change (and sometimes driving my boyfriend crazy with my admonishments to turn off lights, water heaters and the air-con and even closing the faucet [...]

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