Oliver Krieger, Undergraduate Researcher

Project(s) TBD

On 31 October 2023, Dr Xenia Freilich (our Chief Laboratory Technician) and Nick Dubin (a master’s student in Prof John Waldman‘s lab) organised a departmental trick-or-treating event. The goal was to lure biology students into and entice them to join participating labs. With Michelle Mendoza, I was there to give out— and eat too much ( ˃ᴗ˂ )—Halloween candy, in the hopes we might find a pearl or two.

Well, we gained our first Undergraduate Researcher! But not a biology major. Oliver Krieger is a junior (year 3) student in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, where he is majoring in Environmental Science, with a minor in Biology.

Working as a seasonal Animal Care Associate at the Bronx Zoo has stoked Oliver’s fascination with animals and plants and his passion for science communication and outreach. While we do not yet know which project(s) Oliver will work on, these interests and related skills will surely come in handy as at least two projects—Meg’s skunk-cabbage study and Taylor’s urban-scavenger study—will meaningfully involve community scientists. We are super excited to have Oliver and hope this experience as an urban-ecology lab member will be intellectually stimulating and fun.